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We deal with a wide range of pulses to meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers all around the world. Because we live in a quickly growing country like India, agricultural products abound and are of high quality and diversity. Pulses are high-protein food that is an important part of the Middle Eastern diet. Hanuman Exports carefully selects farmers from whom pulses are to be purchased, and the most up-to-date mechanisms are utilized to maintain nutritious levels. Before it reaches you, pulses undergo various levels of screening, such as cleaning, grading, and so on.

Varieties of pulses offered by us are as follows:

  Green Moong Beans


  Green Peas

  Yellow Peas

  Red Beans

  White Beans

  Black Eyed Beans

  Yellow Gram

  Chick Peas –Kabuli

  Desi Chick Peas

  Pigeon Peas

Key Features

Healthy Eating

At Hanuman Exports, the method for preserving the nutritious value of pulses is highly strict. To provide clients with fit–to–eat grade pulses, no stone is left unturned.

Fresh and Tastier

Food that lacks flavour and taste will not satisfy the consumer. As a result, we make every effort to supply delicious grains of pulses by procuring them from all around India. This ensures that the pulses given to clients are of high quality and have a distinct flavour.


The pulses we provide have a longer life expectancy. Our consumers may store and consume the grain for extended periods of time because of the world-class processing.


When pricing a product, it's important to consider the buyer's ability to pay. Pulses are one of the most important foods on a meal's menu, thus they're reasonably priced.

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